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When not plotting civilly disobedient flash mobs with her 8th graders, Toronto teacher and filmmaker, Laurie Townshend is writing, directing, and producing documentaries and narrative films for a growing audience. Her take on human connectedness is explored in an online collection of 2-minute vignettes featuring strangers titled, Human Frequency Streetdocs. With a thematic lens aimed squarely at the resilience of the human spirit, her cinematic offerings extend to include acts of courage made visible through crisis. Townshend’s short film, The Railpath Hero (2013), is a gripping portrait of the threads of hope that hold a young athlete’s life together in the wake of childhood sexual abuse. In 2016, Townshend wrote and directed “Charley”, a visually powerful documentary about civil rights activist and human rights lawyer, Charles Roach. Along with four other films about revered Toronto activists (Dudley Laws, Marlene Green Gwen and Lenny Johnson and Rosie Douglas), “Charley” is a recent recipient of the “Best Canadian Presentation” award at the 10th annual Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Toronto.

Contact: LaurieTownshend@gmail.com